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Affordable Bookkeeping, Quickbooks & Tax Preparation Services for Individuals & Small Businesses.
Welcome to Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC – providing freelance bookkeeping, quickbooks and tax preparation services for small businesses and individuals.  

We relieve you of the tedious day to day administrative work involved in running a business and let you focus on your clients and your bottom line.

Saving you time & money!
If you own or manage your own business, you have more important things to do than bookkeeping.   The time you spend setting up your books, tracking transactions, 
and gathering reports for tax, inventory, or payroll, can be off loaded to a certified bookkeeper.  You can sell more, spend time with existing customers and manage employees in the time you save.

An outsourced, certified bookkeeper using a state-of-the-art accounting system 
can do the bookkeeping tasks better, and save you money at the same time.

We'll Handle your books....
So you can get back to business.

There are many benefits that come with outsourcing your bookkeeping to Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC. With our cost-effective, client-based approach, we free our clients from the time-consuming tasks of properly maintaining their books. Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC. is often the most cost effective means to setup and maintain an accurate financial recording system, allowing businesses to concentrate on their business growth.

Business people think about these things all the time.  

They are the keys to success and the results you seek when analyzing 
the return on any investment.

Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC. will provide you services that return these benefits in a number of ways that generate a strong return on investment:

Get back to business!  

Don't spend time doing tasks and mastering tools and procedures.  Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC. can do it better and return time you need to spend elsewhere.

Do you spend money every month for salary, benefits, vacations, office space, computers and accounting software whether volumes are up or down?  Who needs more "fixed overhead?" Keep the professional skills, but shed the overhead.

Why learn it now?  And buy the systems and set them up?  Bookkeeping is similar from business to business.  But there is only one you that can define your business service and relate to your clients and employees.

We realize that all business are not the same. We work with you to personalize our services to specifically meet your business needs.

You are able to completely outsource your bookkeeping responsibilities while still being in complete control of their financials..  

Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC., is a Quickbooks Certified Proadvisor and we utilize the Quickbooks platform and capabilities to assemble, store and post financial information in a safe and efficent manner.  
What are the Benefits of outsourcing my bookkeeping?
Save Time, Save Money, Improve Business
You get Personalized Service!
About Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
Time = Profit
Certified Professional Bookkeeper
Certified IRS Tax Preparer
IRS Registered E-filer
Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor

If you are keeping your own books:
If you have an employee doing your bookeeping:
If you know your business, but your not a bookkeeper:
Do you know where your business is headed?
Many business owners do not know how their business is doing financially.  

They know there is money in the bank and the bills are being paid so they assume all is well. Operating a successful business requires knowing where every dollar is at all times.
Where you can cut expenses, how much you can spend on advertising and most importantly, what areas you can improve operations to increase your bottom line.

We make that easy! By providing you with reports customized to your specifications that are delivered to you on a regular basis.  You will never be in the dark again. You will have complete control and knowledge of your financials.
Lakes Bookkeeping Services, LLC. is happy to meet with you FREE of charge to discuss your business needs.
No Contracts!  

We believe in the services we provide and aim to please our clients. We will never ask you to sign a contract.  If at anytime you are dissatisfied just let us know. 

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